Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Follow up. . .

This is Lucy's thought about the ocean. (as continued from earlier post)

HMMMM. Ocean!?

Eww!. Ocean?!

Ahhhh! OCEAN !!


Soap in the eyes

Well it has been forever it seems since I posted something. I check out friends blogs regularly, I am always disappointed when they haven't updated their blog. So, I figured there is probably someone out there who checks mine and thinks I've dropped off the earth. Things have been really busy, in a good way. And frankly, there are always things I think about that I should blog about, but getting them concise enough always seems too daunting. So there are lots of issues to talk about and I hope to get a bit more pro-active in my blogging, so without further ado, a simple blog.

I poured soap into Lucy's eyes yesterday. Not intentionally of course. It was actually her fault she turned her head as I was dropping the "Tearless" baby shampoo on her head. Come on, who does that? Needless to say, it is not so tearless when a huge glob drops directly onto eyeball. You could actually see the soap mixing with her . . .eye goo (?) and making bubbles and what started out as a whimper progressed into crying, then screaming. She was inconsolable. At one point she stuck her thumb in her mouth and put here other hand behind her head (this is her sleeping position) and clearly was trying to take herself to a 'happy place', but to no avail. The "stinging continued and the crying continued. All said and done, the soap worked its way out and she settled down, and that was that. Sad times, dad is banned from bath time for a while.

Our dear friends from Malone had their annual Thanksgiving last Saturday. Julie and I couldn't make it, but we saw some pictures. It is always cool when loved ones gather. We're sad we missed it, but we did get to be a part of reaching out to our community with a free Thanksgiving dinner. That was a really cool time for our church. One thing that people got to see was Adam and Carrie's baby's sonogram (sp?) pics. We did hear that they are having a girl, congrats. I was thinking about how Adam and Josh and I would go sit at Perkins all hours of the night during college. Talking about 'the game' and how girls were crazy and we had to devise a plan to snag one. Now we play for the other team, since we have all girls. We now have to devise a plan to make sure no stupid boys try to snag our girls.

Here's a movie quote and some pictures.
"You know, it's just occurred to me. We really haven't had a completely successful test of this equipment."
"I blame myself."
"So do I."
"No sense in worrying about it now."
"Why worry? Each of us is wearing an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back."

Hint: There are 3 people talking

First Bite in. . .

First Bite out.

Ready for the beach

Mommy, Lucy, Babs and Babs' hat which is its own whole separate entity. Amazing.