Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mexi Dips and Chips

Ok so, my friends Tim and Jamie always used to talk about Taco Bueno. Being from the northeast (where there are no Taco Buenos) I had to hear stories and take their word for its goodness. THeir description was "taco bell, but way better". Being a large fan (both figuratively and literally) of the crunch wrap supreme and chil cheese burrito, I thought there was no improving upon perfection. I stand corrected. I just went today for lunch and experienced firsthand mexidips and chips, with a chalupa-ish thing ( AKA #3). I feel as though I have just choosen the red pill ( matrix), and been confronted with reality for the first time.

I may be exaggerating a touch, but given the option of all fast food, pizza shops, and franchised restaraunts, Taco Bueno now sits amoung the top five. Good times, good tacos, hence the name I guess.