Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fantasy time again

Well, after thinking I might not get into a fantasy league earlier this week, I am now in a whole bunch. I am taking my weird draft strategy or taking the best of everything else while everyone fights over running backs. Conventional wisdom says that this is foolery, and if you don't do fantasy, you will not understand any of it any way, but this unorthodox draft strategy got me to the final game in two leagues prior only to loose to people who did not have top backs on their team anyway. So off we go. . . with the joyous return of the NFL and fantasy football, the further away from playing I get, the more I revel in the view from the couch.

In other news,
-Lucy has grown a ton and is making lots and lots of noises. She is going to be a talker, which is a funny labeling as we hope every child is a talker.

-I am also as sick as crap with a nasty cold thing that is keeping me up at night.

-Steven Curtis Chapman songs can make a statue cry (see Cinderella and All I really want for Christmas)what can I say, the dude has a gift.

-The Bengals look wretched (not really news) while the Steelers look like another run is in the future

-The Olympics are done, and I am questioning the true value of many of the sports, that's all I'll say.

-My cat Jeremy has fleas, because he has figured out a way to ninja his butt outside the house without us knowing.

-Presidential election is coming up. . . nothing valuable to add, because really, despite knowing full well who I am going to vote for, I like to comment on what other people say with absolute conviction and play devils advocate, because frankly, I think people need to look deep into why they would vote for a particular candidate and make an educated choice, and a lot of what I hear from folks is a lot of surfacy stuff that doesn't actually deal with the capabilities of a candidate to lead.

-And now a new addition to Sean's blog posts, name the movie quote. . .
"Kickboxing. Sport of the future. "

until next time

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I thought I was busy once

Well hello in blog land, my apologies for the time between my posts. Things have been very busy around the Savage house. There has been so much going on it is hard to know where to begin. So I will try to keep it to some highlights.

1. Been watching the Olympics and for the first time I can remember, I have been quite engaged by the different sports and different countries and all the hooplah. I am sure that once we get to the ribbon dance event, that will subside a bit. While I likes me a good ribbon dance, since they kicked me off the ribbon dance squad and squashed my Olympic dreams, I choose to not follow that most intense display of athleticism. All in all Olympics = cool.

2. Stuff at the church is going very well. I have settled into the job quite well and am gearing up for some huge things coming into the fall. We have seen a ton of kids coming to our Thursday night deal and have been diving into the word very strongly, my prayer is that the kids will feel loved and build solid relationships and most of all be guided closer to Christ. There are tons of challenges with our kids, not the least of which are the 10 or so kids who put out the cigarettes their parents bought them right outside the door before they come into church. And do not get me started on our first discipleship retreat. Maybe we'll join Bible bowl. ( for those who do not know . . . just nod and smile) Our worship team is growing leaps and bounds. The players are getting better and more comfortable leading on their own, while we have added like six new people in the last couple of months. It has been awesome to see them all growing in their faith as well. Small groups is the ministry that I love and is also the most frustrating at the same time. Getting the more mature people in our church to be willing and equipped to lead more small groups has been very difficult and is perhaps the most important thing to our church. We have so many people who are new to church coming in every week, we have to get better at discipleship, fast.

3. Lucy is growing like a weed. She and Julie went away for a couple of days last week and she came back walking. . . not quite. But she did look HUGE. It has been cool to watch her discover new stuff. And it gets cooler every day to watch Julie be a mom. Any who, for those interested here some pictures and an attempt at a video post. The video is of Lucy doing what she does, and me probably making silly noises at her. . . and then she ninja kicks the cat and tries to discuss quantum physics. . . I may have run out of batteries before that happened so, all you get is smiles and noises.