Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It is about time for an update on things in the Savage household. Things are going well, we are moving into the 'busy season' at church, specifically for me in the area of youth. Lots of stuff that happens in the summertime. Also, our pastor is gone quite a bit which leaves me to preach several times, which I am growing in and get a little more comfortable every time. Julie is wrapping up her time teaching abstinence in the public schools (until fall) so we will get to hopefully have some more time hanging out all together and do family stuff with Lucy.

Lucy is a hoot. She is finally crawling and has turned a corner very rapidly where she has gone from being more responsive to stuff we do (which was really, really fun) to being proactive with stuff we do. She will crawl over to the table and pick out her favorite book "Skippy Jon Jones" and hold it up or us to read. Her once four hours of awesome nap time has now become an hour or here crawling around her bed, making noise and trying to play with stuff until we decide she's fooled around long enough and go in to get her to find her standing in her crib bouncing up and down. And the coolest thing is that she has learned to give kisses. A couple of weeks a go she figured it out. I had been saying often "Daddy give Lucy a kiss" and smooch her on the cheek, then "Lucy give daddy a kiss" and lean my cheek in to her. And then suddenly one day, we're sitting there and she leans her mouth over towards my face. We're thinking what's she doing? And then it clicks! She's giving a kiss. And so now, we say "Lucy give daddy a kiss" ( or mommy) and she leans in and gives a kiss, (well it isn't and actually smooch, it is more of an open mouth lean in, we'll keeping working) It is always followed by a hug. so nice. This last week she has figured out that her baby doll is a baby doll, and she crawls over to it and picks it up (by the leg) and pats it and makes the hands clap and of course, gives it kisses.
And keeping with the ever popular, 'what is Lucy doing that mom and dad think is cute' theme, she has also learned the 'word' 'Oww'. And every time she falls over, or drops something or there is a loud noise, she says "Owwww!"

So she is lots of fun. And as for dealing with deep issues in life that need discourse and contemplation. There is usually something huge on a day to day basis, but never enough time to successfully put into blog form so everyone can join in over-thinking stuff.

With this in mind. . . something not worth over-thinking, or maybe it is. . .I have recently been running a lot more, which means my i-pod has been updated pretty regularly, and my current favorite running song is "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West. That song freaking rocks. I want to do it in church. Without editing. It may be one of my elect, but I don't care. Speaking of playing it in church. Our church definitely played Bon Jovi- Living on a Prayer last week. nuff said.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Not So much

I don't have anything to say except I am doing some experimenting with new blogger templates to see what neat-o things I can do. I have lots of other stuff going on, but it will have to wait for now, so until next time, enjoy the different looks of my blog as I try to dial-in what is going to be best.

Also, If you were once on my favorites list, never fear, you should be back up shortly, unless you never update your blog, in which case it is not that important, though I sense a shifting in the wind where blogging is becoming less and less cool, in place of facebook. You feelin me?