Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ninja Master

So being in between work really is no fun. Julie and I are currently trying to figure out where we are going. IT is pretty stressful as we are waiting for different possabilities to play out. There are other areas of stress, but I cannot comment on specifics.

It is interesting how the blog basically enables people like me the opportunity to share thoughts with the world. Sometimes it functions like a personal journal of what is going on and other times like a newspaper column to shoot an idea out there for people to chew on and hopefully get a little fired up about.

Though I currently have alot for people to get fired up about(AKA probably just me), I will settle on happier trails. After returning from"vacation" julie and got home to a happy puppy and a cat further into his planning of world domination. He has been working on his fighting as he got into a tiff last night with a neighbor cat. He occasionally runs around out back. He did last night and apparently ran into another cat ninja. All we heard was the hiss/ reeeeeeeeer! of a good strike and then we we new a battle of epic proportions was ensuing. Complete with some matrix-esque kicks and a winning slash from Jeremy evidenced by white fur in Jeremy's claw found later. We sent steve ( our dog ) out to wag his tail at the opposing cat, but he got distracted by eveyrthing in between the door and the end of the porch. Alas Jeremy had apparently struck a walked away, like a true ninja master.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


So Julie and I are in Maine. It is good times. Lots of misquitoes. I mean swarms, I would welcome the chicken pocks rather than this opening of the fifth seal of the apocalypse. THe ocean is cold, there are supposed to be moose here. I am anxious to see one. We cooked up some fresh lobster, which was mighty fine and are having some good R & R, I am hoping to get some time to get some good updates on my blog which has fallen stagnate of late. My apologies.

Starting today with the question of how long is a good alter call? We were at a meeting last weekend where the alter call not only last one hour and fifteen minutes, but also included every prayer chorus in the book bringing even the most stubborn alter-goer-downer down with several repeats of "all that I am."

though I do love that song, I wonder how useful it was for me to sit in the audience and feel obligated to watch as people made tearful recommitments, I meant with heads bowed and eyes closed. I maybe just super cynical, and need to go the alter myself. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, don't fret it is no - big deal, just a rant. I will probably be putting more thought into this, later.