Thursday, June 04, 2009

Why Michael Bolton Rocks

-Killer Vocals
-Tried to do the hair band rock thing, and toured with Ozzy but elected to instead to go after middle-aged women and the school slow dance and make tons of money. Some would say sell out, I would say musical genius.
-cut his hair after years of holding onto his hair band days, props for being current
-how am I supposed to live without you.

nuff said.
Great writers have a unique capability of convincingly and eloquently making a point to a reader in such a way as to, no matter how ludicrous the subject matter, the reader stops and thinks, 'maybe Michael Bolton really does rock. I am not that good of a writer. This point is probably why I wait so long to post on this har blog. It was really fun for a time, and still sometimes it is, but usually I have too many loose ends rattling around in my head to get something out to the masses. And by masses, I mean all two of you, although perhaps my little shout out to MB will get me some new subscribers, welcome to all of you. We'll see.

I have a couple of updates and extra points about nothing. First of all, my good buddy world famous Eric Newcomer sent me via Dan Gartley an mbox, complete with ProTools to help me get moving on some music writing. Thanks to both gentlemen for your service. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, most simply it is a tool (hence the name) for properly recording music. The hope is that I will get off my duff and starting making some original music. When that happens I will let both of you hear what I got. Oh, sorry forgot about new MB subscribers, the four of you will get to hear what I got.

Second, my daughter is right on the cusp of walking. This is a fun time, she is always doing lots of cool stuff, including face-planting into the hardest part of the couch, when dad forgot to catch her. I think she forgot about that though, because she continues to try to walk which is good. She also has taken to picking up my phone, holding it to her ear and saying 'hi'. This may seem rudimentary to most people, but you are not 14 months old, so for us it is cool.

I am working hard to prep our very large group of high school students and leaders for our mission trip coming up in two weeks. Very excited, but a little stressed do to the amount of details involved. Julie is doing a great job of being a mom and teaching Lucy, while still having time to love and encourage me, I married up.

That's the update, but I also wanted to make a comment on the new NBC late night schedule. I have always been a large (both figuratively and literally) Conan fan and it has been good to see him in the tonight show. Now, having only done a couple of shows, it has been a bit weird to see some of the subtle differences in his show, while it is still basically the same show. I am reserving judgment on that for a while until he has gotten into a groove. What I really wanted to say is that after a rough first couple of weeks, Jimmy Fallon has really grown on me. His last couple of shows (that I have seen) have been really funny so hopefully he sticks around. Which brings me to a gripe that I would like to voice. I would say that I watch a bit too much tv, but that is not the point I am getting at. It has been a re-occurring theme since I started to tune into some more regular shows, that every time I like a show, it gets cancelled. I am not going to list any of these for you, but over the past three years, I have really liked about 6 shows, four of which have been cancelled after one season. What in the fat?! I guess, everybody else has bad taste. Michael Bolton rocks! So, sorry Jimmy Fallon show, because I like you, you are doomed to cancellation.

That's all.