Thursday, January 31, 2008

William McStefphofferson

We are officially done stupid moving. I have come to the realization that I do not handle change well. Perhaps I do better when the change is not where I live, but every time I have to move everything in my being struggles to adapt. This is pretty interesting compared to the fact that I lived a rather nomadic life out of my New Yorker throughout college. Mmm New Yorker. . .
I rarely stayed in one spot more than 6 months. But now, I get into a new place and have trouble sleeping, get stressed out, and have an overall feeling of not well.
Nevertheless, we have finished taking stuff to the new house, (Special thanks to Babs for 6 hours of driving a bulky truck and help in the heavy lifting) hooray.

blog title
The title on this blog is for no real reason except that it is an awesome name that makes me laugh. If I ever had to go under cover for any reason, this would be the name which I would choose . . . or not use. . .since I'm under cover. I may have to use it to name my next pet.

Rambo 4
So I elected to see Rambo 4 as my first movie in the theatre like 3 months. Anyone who knows me, knows I love to go see movies by myself at the theatre. I sit real close and as close to the middle as possible and it is a good time. I used to go way more often, but it has lessoned as of late. Because of this, I have been a lot more picky about what I go see. Rambo 4 fit the bill. After seeing though, I do not know if I used it wisely. It was definitely a good return to First Blood, but hopped up on serious blood and guts steroids. It was really, really violent. It wasn't good old fashioned stylized violence with Rambo firing off 1,000 rounds and a whole bunch of guys obviously jumping and flipping backwards with every 'bullet impact'. It was rather very realistic exploding people, lost limbs, intestines spilling, etc. I began to wonder if I didn't like the goofy violence of old more. It left more to the imagination. I could just be me turning into an old dude who doesn't like cool blood and guts anymore.

no looky typers
Does anyone else not care if a person doesn't have to look at the keys when they type?
Being at school I get to see way more of the people who took a typing class in high school, who always make it a point to be really obvious about the fact that they are not looking at the keys while they type. For example, this one dude I was forced to interact with made it a point to 'talk with me' while typing something on his computer. Of course, watching me and like, making stupid faces of feigned interest, the whole time. He's that guy ( the face). I may just be jealous that my hands are too big to type with more than three fingers.

nothing too important in this one. . .

Thursday, January 24, 2008


OK, so there are a ton of things that I have wanted to post about, but every time I go to do so, they get too big and I give up. SO I am going to throw several on here and maybe elaborate more later.

Martin Luther the King Day
Because of MLK Day, it seems that lots of thought has been turning towards racism, or ideas that deal with race issues.
Josh blogged about problems in Cleveland that are socio-economic in nature but come across as a result of racism. Tim Blogged about how the post modern movement may not actually reach out to people other than white middle class young people. And then probably the most crazy to me was the lady who said the only way anyone was going to compete with Tiger Woods was if they took him out and lynched him. Here is where I want to land for a second. When taken in the context of this lady's commentary, there was no ill intent in her statement. Tiger acknowledged this, but the media and older Black leaders have raised a stink about it, sighting that the term 'lynch' carries with it strong racist connotations. I may be, and probably am totally naive when it comes to racism, mostly due to the fact that I am white and live in the country, but why is it so important to make a big deal about a statement that is only very loosely racist to anyone under 35, and that was absolutely not said in a racist way? Is it really going to help fight real racism to try to pole vault over mouse turds?
Granted, there is something to be said about being careful with the words we use, but I am thinking that pointing out things like this might actually do more damage than good. I will leave that there, even though there is way more to be said.

So, if you didn't know Julie and I are moving. Moving blows, but it is a real blessing because we are getting to move from our apartment into a house, which means lots more space. We are going to paying $100 less /month = awesome. Plus our new house is across the street from the church where we work, which; taking into account the 20 minute drive each way we were driving, we'll have a tone more accessibility for the ministries we are involved and we'll save 8,000,000 dollars in gas. Good things.

The chuck

Chuck Norris is freakin 68 years old. Are you kidding me? Ninjas live forever.

Being Pregnant
If you didn't know, Julie is 7 months pregnant. I'm exited to be a dad and get to be weird, and say silly jokes, and get to answer 'how to' questions with "I'm Dad". I have heard tons of funny stories about pregnant ladies going crazy and it being a crazy time for dads to be, but I just wanted to give some props to my wife. She has been a trooper. Aside from crying anytime a child does anything on tv, especially if they are special or singing about Jesus, (and when both occur, it is what some might call, "The Perfect Storm"), and one week of hating pizza, she has handled being pregnant like a pro. No big breakdowns, no late night runs (which may be yet to come), no moments of insanity. I may just be the luckiest man in the world.

I'll stop there for now

More later . . .

Sunday, January 20, 2008

freakin patriots pt. 2

OK, so I planned on blogging something awesome and heartfelt and meaningful to bring in the new year of blogging, but every time I went to blog, I got caught up playing boggle online, I mean working. Instead, I will postpone the meaningful in order to vent about the Packers loss. I was ready to hop on the Farve bandwagon, and then they lost to the Giants. For real? who cares about the Giants? Good for Eli Manning and all but I still don't like them. I would have liked to see the Packers in the big game, but alas, I have to settle for this round of pointless commercials.

Maybe they'll win and the Patriots will feel dumb.