Sunday, July 29, 2007


I am so glad I have a blog on a day like today. I performed at a coffee house last night, which was its standard good times of playing as many songs as humanly possible over two hours. I think I am getting better at it though as I have a much more impressive line-up of songs now. So I played pretty well, by my own account, but that is not why I blog.

I met this guy, he was a computer programmer of what I presume is Indian (not Native American) decent. He had embraced his, how shall I say ... techyness. He was all about how he figured out how to put the entire first level of SuperMario Bros. 1 as his screen savior. May I input here that, that is pretty cool and I would be all up in that business if I was techy enough. OK, so he was also the 'let me see that' guy. You know the guy that grabs stuff that's yours as he is asking to 'see it'. Yeah he was that guy.

He says, "Hey, can I see your guitar?" As he begins to play it. That is cool, it really doesn't bother me, I am a sharer. By default he was also the guy who wants to play guitar and is all about playing the performer's instrument in front of them. So, all that to give you a general description of this guy. Every one knows someone that fits this description.

But, is your guy's name MONEY! hahahaha

Oh yes, you read correctly. . .. Money. I am still slightly speechless. It goes so far beyond Layla, or Rhonda or Hugh Jass or any other name warranting a quip from that other guy who makes the quip after hearing someone's name that sounds like something else. Money.

I couldn't help but to at least ask if that was in fact his real name. He assured me it was.

He is now the coolest dude ever. That is so money!

Incidentally, he knew Rick James, who is a local youth pastor and who is all about being as white as possible and dressing in dockers and polos. Also money.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Welcoming back to the land of posting a new blog

Alright, so I know it has been a while. Life has been busy for me this summer. Since Julie and I are trying desperately to sell our home, we have been left paying for an apartment and a mortgage. So, this summer I have been doing some extra work at the YMCA day camp. This has been weird for so many reasons and have produced many crazy stories. I will probably be able to share some with you as I now have some time because we have finished our church mission trip, and will wrap up VBS, which is apparently a huge deal for our church, this week, and the biggest time consumer has been my summer classes at school. So all those are done leaving me some time for the wonderful world of blogging.

So, to kick this new round of blogs off, I want to mention one thing of utmost importance and validity to discussions of life and society and whatever else I want to have and opinion on, on this blog . . .

Die Hard 4 rocks, it wasn't better than the original, but did the original complete justice, making it a close second. It was action packed, visually awesome, funny all that you could ask for from a Die Hard movie. We'll see how it stands up to the 'on video' test, before we put it atop my favorite movie list, but it is surely in contention to knock off one of the weaker movies on my top ten.