Tuesday, August 18, 2009

wht's new

Hey all, been a long time since I posted, but nothing new in that whole realm. Really, just finding the time when I am thinking of something awesome has been difficult. So I'll give you some updates into our lives at the moment.

Lucy is walking, sort of running and smacking her head and face on anything and everything. Apparently her head is huge. Her height is in the 30%, her weight in th 15% and her head in the 80%. Of course I have decided that those percentiles the doctor gives us are either made up, or are of no actual concern because babies are all different. . . or my daughter is a genius, prodigy with the perfect percentages and everyone else is dumb. That being said, I also have a big head, so my apologies to Lucy for that gene being dominant. Anyways, this leaves her a bit top heavy, sort of like an upside down weeble, necessitating her face to smack carpet often. She is also learning lots of stuff and songs. Her favorites are 'O happy day' by Steve Fee and 'Baby Shark', what can I say? She is eclectic. Any time we sing those she yells and dances and as soon as we are done she says, 'again', no matter how many times the song has been sung. She has also become very into Elmo. Sesame Street must be evil geniuses because that furry, red, little, (insert funny and slightly offensive noun) is like LSD for kids. We stumbled upon an 'Elmo Dance' vhs tape at a garage sale, and Lucy, after one time through was hooked and basically 7 thousand times a day asks to watch Elmo. So now Julie and know all of the dance moves, oh and the tape features Paula Abdul so, it was already painful to have on every other day, add her in the mix and let's just say it gets annoying. Whatever. I am hoping she soon learns 'steelers'. All that to say, Lucy is fun and has not yet started throwing really big fits, so we are enjoying this stage.

In other news, our church is growing like a weed, in a good way. We are working furiously to try to keep up with the number of new folks coming to the church and making commitments for Christ. God is doing a huge work and it is awesome to be a part of it. We are in the 'about to break ground' faze of our new building which is a bit of a stresser for me because I am responsible for the worship area, pushing us further towards contemporary staging, lighting and sound, while still staying within the smallest budget know to man and also convincing everyone what is a good idea, vs everything else. BLAH! Alas, it is fun most of the time, but the pace that we are trying to move at in order to not have to have 5 services is hectic. Cool problems to have.

I continue to get opportunities to preach, which is exciting and challenging. This past weekend, our pastor was out of town and commissioned me to preach on Sex. Nothing like keeping it light. It turned out well, so far as I can tell. I had Julie team teach with me and she did an awesome job. It was a cool opportunity for us and despite running rather long, we received very positive feedback.

In other news. I still own a house in Canton. Which I now refer to as "The Thorn". Luckily, we couldn't sell it a couple of years ago and were forced to rent it out. Sparing all or you from a long rant about how bad a time that is, I will just say that it is currently a very bad time and adds much unneeded stress.

So, all in all, things are going rather well aside from 'The Thorn', maybe soon I will post something of great value and insight that will cause you to re-think how you view the world. Until then . . .