Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some new pics

Yeah, you know how every now and again you see a baby who is not so cute. You still say they are cute, but you know full well that they are not. Julie and I always wondered if our baby A. would be cute B. we would be able to tell if she wasn't or we would be just blinded by parental love. Well, we think she is cute so we will just assume that she is in fact cute. He some more pics.

Monday, April 07, 2008


For those of you who are new, Julie and I just had our first baby, Lucy Adalei. (see pictures below) She is good times. We brought her home on Friday. She is so little! She sleeps on my chest sometimes and runs a serious risk of falling into my belly button and being lost forever. Not quite. She sleeps, looks around, does bathroom things and eats (and throws up). At this point in her life when everything is new, this a vast array of fun to chose from. We are going through the joys of getting on a schedule with her/ finding time to sleep and go about life. It really is cool. Julie's mom has been hanging with us, which has been a huge help in the transition process.

So that is the update. I did want to make a couple of non-related comments.

1st of all, I got to hang with my friend Thunder Dan Gartley last night, which was good times as always. Dan may be the friendliest guy I know, he always makes me smile. Anyways, he recently got me hooked on the awesomeness of Tom Petty, (to which I am greatful) I don't know how I over looked them for so long. I do not think they have ever made a song I don't like. But then last night we got see a band that he has been talking about called, 'Decemberadio'. Yeah they rocked in every sense of the word. Dan had said that they were the most talented and legit rock band in Christian music, and I must second this claim. Anyone interested in some great rock, check em out.

2nd, Lucy's middle name is Adalei. And we need some clarification. It is a silly spelling, but easy to say. (Add - uh-lay ) We sort of made it up. And chose it based solely on the rythm along with her first and last name, along with wanting something that sounded unique and girly. So no big ploy to fool the world and make life difficult for her forever. The reality is that in about 6 months, nobody except the family will pay notice to her middle name. Until, of course, she is a famous female singer-songwriter who also plays the violin and sings awesome harmony with her dad.

I write this out because I have had several people say, in response to me telling people her name, "Eww, why did you make her middle name so hard?". . . mk, I am not angry, although this response automatically switches my brain into cynical sarcastic guy. I kind of want to say, um "Eww, name your own child", or express how difficult it is to repeat 'Add-uh-lay" 'yeah, it is pretty difficult, we should have simplified it to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.' While here name is no Ann, May, Jo, Marie, Sue or one of the other 10 American sounding girl middle names, her name isn't hard to say. It is sort of difficult to spell. But that is in honor of her dad and people messing up 'Sean'. Names are funny.

Also, I did find some hunting and found out that her name is loosely connected to the German name Adelaide, which means 'noble one', or when applied to a little girl. 'princess', which is nice. So, that's it, check out Decemberadio.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I love Lucy

Here are a few more pics

Lucy Adalei Savage

Ok, all we just finished delivering Lucy. 6 pounds 15 Ounces, beautiful little girl with her daddy's cheeks and here mommy's long legs. I know you have all been praying with us to get us through the long ordeal, and so without further ado. . . here are some photos.

Go slinky go! This is going to be some kind of recooord!!!

Hrs 48-49. It is officially the nicest day of the year thus far, except we still don't have a baby. She is having good strong even contractions, but is only at 2 cm. (if you don't know what that means, you don't want to know) This means that after all that time we will more than likely end up having to do a c-section.

The good news from waiting all this time. . . I get to skip my last class of my graduate school career. Good times.

word, if you know all the words to the theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel Aire

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Waiting on the world to change

Ok, so we're sitting here in hour #36 of having a baby. Sparing some of the graphic details, we have crossed over into the 'home stretch'. Obviously, the 'home stretch' is somewhat un-eventful at this point since I am able to blog. And compared to the previous 36+ hours, the next 6 hours of home stretch should be relatively quick.

I was thinking of John Mayer songs, like 'daughters' which will now hold more meaning, but settled in on 'Waiting on the world to change' simply because that is what it feels like I am doing. Obviously the wait seems way longer than it actually is, while you are in it, but I think the wait is accentuated because I am doing a whole lot of nothing, just waiting for my world to change. There is a ton to be said about that, and in reality, I am still a few hours from the reality of this whole deal. But I am excited about it, and can't wait to hold my little girl.

. . . and pictures are coming soon.


A wonderful nine pound, two ounce baby was born. . . but not ours. April Fools! (hehehe, first 'dad' joke) To update anyone who is watching, we spent yesterday waiting for some action on the baby front, but alas nothing. So, We approaching the 24 hour mark and we'll see how today goes, Julie is doing great, no really big pains yet and she is just hanging out in the bed. I, on the other hand, am impatiently chomping at the bit. For those guys who have had a baby, you can relate to the long wait. Luckily, I have internet access, so I can fool around and blog and crap.

As before. . .baby pics soon to come!