Friday, April 21, 2006

One Bad and Roses

So, I watched a camp video from my final year working at summer camp, at the end of the video was an episode of VHI Behind The Music that some of us made up and produced about a made up group calle d" ONe Bad and Roses. It was ather humorous as we had an OK video editor, had talked all summer about doing the spoof, and then did it really quickly in an afternoon. So it came out very impov sort of in the same vain as Spinal Tap. Anyways, all that to say it was fun to remeniss (sp?). So fun in fact that I accidently rewound the entire tape and somehow ( I am still blaming my cat Jeremy, as he always has that look in his eye) pressed record. Recording 8 hours (on SP) of Sportcenter as we slept. THere was a sort of shock the next morning after realizing that memory piece was gone. Luckily I am not all that sentimental, but it was still kind of sad.

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Elect

So my buddy in college used to talk about the elect when it comes to favorites. He was basically talking about songs he liked, even if they were more worthy of ridicule. He just liked them. An example... (not real) I caould say my favorite song was "Barbie Girl" by whoever techno group it was, and if it was ridiculed I could label it one of the elect.

Side note, I am assuming this comes from God's elect, specifically from a Calvanist point of view being that whoever he chooses for Salvation, gets Salvation not for any reason or merit, but because He is sovereign God and He says so. Interestingly enough, whether predestination is your thing or not, it says some great things about GOd's love for us that no riducle could stand against us when we are saved. Nothing can seperate us from God, no matter how dumb a song we might be.

Anyways, after taking some flack for my previous post of top ten movies I could see over and over and songs I like now, I thought I should prefface those lists as being not all time favorites, but rather songs I like at the moment... AKA would have on my Ipod if I had one; and movies I could watch several times and not fall asleep. SO ... here is a list of elect, songs and movies that should take flack, but can't because I, being sovereign to what is my favorite or in this case what I like , elected them to be....for now.
10. You've got mail
9. Notorious thugs
8. If I had a hammer
7. Bloodsport
6. Star Wars Episode 2: Attck of the Clones
5. Walking on Sunshine
4. THe Incredible Hulk: new movie
3. The cutting Edge 1
2. Bye Bye Bye - NSync
1. Lamu

Thursday, April 13, 2006

top ten lists

TOP TEN MOVIES I COULD WATCH MULTIPLE TIMES.... 10. 13 going on 30 ( I am currently hiking up my skirt) 9. Anchorman 8. Die hard: with a vengance 7. Die Hard 6. Black Sheep 5. Trains, PLanes, and automobiles 4. Crimson Tide 3 The Pink Panther Strikes again 2. Tommy Boy 1. You've got mail ( what can I makes me smile)

Top Ten songs I like alot right now,
10. More THan a feeling - Boston 9. Under Pressure - Queen w/ David Bowe 8. Fix you- coldplay 7. Sattelite- Dave Matthews Band 6. Come Awake- David Crowder Band 5. Smooth Criminal- alien Ant Farm remake 4. Hold the Line- Toto 3. Rainbow Connection- Jason Mraz 2. All you need is Love- Beattles 1. With or without you- U2


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

THe CHuck

So my little brother showed me Chuck Norris and Vin Deisel Jokes, which are basically dumb one liners like.. Vin Deisel irons his shirt while he is wearing it..or, Once Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked someone so hard his foot broke the speed of light sending him back in time, killing Hitler...or CHuck Norris' tears cure cancer, unfortunately he has never cried, ever.

Anyways, it took me back to rediculous high school jokes. When I was there, it was always "this verses that". Like who would win in a fight? Batman or DareDevil? Vin Deisel or CHuck Norris? Bryant Gumble or Oprah? Tony Tiger or Sugar Bear? Mr. Myagi or the winner of Norris/ Deisel? Got any more? or insight victor information?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

working out

So I have been trying to get over a bad back and return to to the rigors of a workout schedule, hence returning me to my once great physic. ( see picture) Alas, it has yet to happen.
My favorite excersize if the pull up, probably because I can only do one. It is over quickly.