Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cecil Brookins . . ."Eff" and the Super Bowl

When I was a counselor at camp one year we had a kid, Cecil. We had some rough kids throughout the summers, but Cecil was unique. We knew the first day that he took medication for "ADD" supposedly, I won't comment on that. We also were aware that he had some behavioral issues. All said and done, he had a pretty good week except that every morning he would wake everyone else up with a loud battle cry, "WAKE UP MOTHER EFFERS!!!". No matter how much earlier we tried to wake up to ward off said battle cry, we were never successful. He apparently was a light sleeper and heard our alarm.
Anyways, you must take note that he did not use the word "EFF". But rather choose to go for the unedited, grand daddy of all curses. I personally prefer 'EFF'. You still get the point across, preserve some cleanliness, and it is much more humorous in general.

This makes me think of another "EFFin" story. Josh, Eric and I were hanging out one Tuesday evening at good old Mallon's. This was before they went high tech. And this particular evening was rather slow and some sort of higher-up manager appeared this evening, and was sort of harassing the guy who was working that night. He was a bigger guy who looked as though he just got out from under his car. (extra information in order to paint a picture) He was apparently having a bad day because he was really giving this other guy a hard time for the over all cleanliness of Mallon's that night. We mostly ignored the guys until at one point we hear the dirty manager really yelling at the other guy. He was trying to get the other guy to get the hose from out back, but again he was really having a bad night because he totally got stuck on the word "hose". He was so miffed, he got caught on the swear word. (He too did not say "Eff") He yelled, " GO get the "Effin". . . the "Effin". . .the "Effin". . ." And then tried the whole phrase over again only to get stuck on "Effin" again. Now, conventional wisdom makes me think he probably only said "Effin" 6-10 times, before "hose" came out. But in my mind, he said it like 30 times, in fact, he may be still saying it right now. That may not be funny for everyone else, but it was for me and I know Josh will get a kick out of the memory. Frankly there is no reason for either of these stories. There is probably something to be said about society and cursing, but I'll let you do the thinking. So no deeper purpose from me, I apologize.

Perhaps it is on account of cuz I am in such a good mood about the super bowl. Getting hopped up for the Stillers to cause havoc. Also pretty hopped up to make some Ro-tel dip (Thanks Tim) and I am going to whip up some homemade buffalo wings. Great for the mouth, bad for the rest of me. But it's the super bowl, what are you going to do, eat salad? "Touchdown! Alright! Yeah! High Five! can you pass the Raspberry Vinegaret? Oh and some extra broccoli! Whatever.

Speaking of the super bowl, I read the best quote ever by a sports writer the other day who was electing to make the Cardinals his pick to win the game. He was talking about Kurt Warner and how he has such a cool story and is a stand up guy who is strong in His faith and whatnot. He goes on to make his pick by saying "YOU CANNOT BET AGAINST GOD AND PUPPIES, SO I PICK THE CARDINALS. . ." Good line, and Kurt Warner rocks, but not this time. HERE WE GO STEELERS!

OKay, and now, since so far this has been a lot of nothing, here are some pics of Lucy.

Playing in the snow with Steve

Lucy's first Christmas, apparently my dad showed up, as she has a bow on her head.

Snow Suit "I can't put my arms down!"

Snow angels are stupid!

mmm Sink Bath

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