Thursday, March 05, 2009

Can you beleive it has been a month

So after being very committed to blogging some stuff for a while, I have neglected the whole deal due to over-all busyness, and a natural high after the Super Bowl. I looked today and realized it has been a whole month, and I also notice that Adam has two posts in the month of February, which means I am behind the curve.

There is so much going on that I really don't know where to begin, so I will just fill you in on a recent adventure, and then save the rest for later.

I work at a church that is about 50 yards from a small bank. You must understand that the "town" is only 100 yard long, so that isn't saying much, save that the bank is really, really small. They do not have an ATM, or any way to electronically transfer funds. Pause for a sigh and shake of the head. For real? I guess it would be foolish to put into place any system that would encourage people from actually using your bank. What was I thinking?

Well, this high enterprise bank got robbed the other day. Pause for a side note, that the robber was unarmed. . . really? Now, as it so happened my pastor and I were leaving the church to drive to a meeting at the exact moment said unarmed robber was fleeing. He ran directly in front of us and got into a awkwardly parked car. Mike and I continued onto our meeting, talking about something else, unaware that the bank had been hit. Only later did we find out that we had seen the guy, and had both had the same thought as we were driving down the road. "It's really odd that this guy is in a dead sprint to that awkwardly parked car. Who sprints to there car? Jeez, you rob a bank or something?" I even looked back at a sign that we passed to see if the guy had vandalized it in some way, cause it was weird how he was running.

So you imagine that we felt a little silly talking to the police detectives later that day about the obviously suspicious looking guy running away from the bank.

Alas, my spidey-senses are a bit lax. I am disappointed because to date, that is the first chance to summon my inner John McClain and thwart an evil plot. How often does that happen. So I am left slightly distraught.

Anywho, little business savvy bank was the victim of its second robbery in three years. That is sad. And I got to look at a police line-up for the first time. In doing so I was no help whatsoever, as I really didn't see the guys face. Every guy I saw could have easily been or not been the guy. Which, by the way, makes me want to be sure never to volunteer for a police line up. So I picked the guy with earrings and a tattoo cause he looked like the kind of guy that would rob a bank. (I told the detective that by the way)

So hopefully the mafia doesn't come after me as a master informant. So that was a mini-adventure.

Julie, Lucy and I are going on vacation next week, so hopefully I will get a chance to post some more updates as to the goings on at the Savage house.

Bye, bye then

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